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Pet a Palooza 2018

My pretty baby girl at Pet a Palooza 2018! She had so much fun, got heaps of attention, a new bandana, lots of treats,...

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Mmmm.. Dinner..

The moot eating her dinner.. she’s so food oriented.. lol. Yes, I feed my malamute a raw diet.. she loves it and I feel it’s...

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My Babies..

Diva Bear loves her studies and plushies! She cleans them sometimes.. she’s so weird lol. I still can’t get over the fact that she...

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I’m Driving..

Diva was screaming.. lol. I’m driving Malamommy.. and I refuse to remove my fluffy butt from the drivers.. ?? the malatude is ALWAYS strong with...

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A Malamute Sunset..

My beautiful girl over looking the lake and taking in the sunset! ‘‘Twas such a beautiful evening.. the coyotes were howling, the water was calm...

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Pet a Palooza 2018

Mmmm.. Dinner..

My Babies..

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