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With A Little Help From My Friends

It is often said that artists are lonely people, who need solitude to contemplate their inspiration and express their creativity. Wrong! This opinion stands only for the presence of other humans, who might disturb delicacy of creative process, but never for cats. Not only because cats are gentle creatures, which presence is almost invisible (if they want so), but for they are so curious and no one can stop them to interfere in everything they find amusing. Besides, they see us as helpless, clumsy do-nothings, who would be doomed without their help. So, they help….

#1 Until It’s Finished….

"How about taking a nap while the dollhouse is still empty? Who cares that the angry human wants to continue her work? Not like she'll finish it today....." 

#4 Eliah’s Favorite

"I was so small when you started to make this house and I liked it for the first moment I saw it. Is it too much to hope you made it for me?"


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