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Ideal Grooming Tips For Your Guinea Pig

Need some free grooming tips for your guinea pig? We all know that guinea pigs are lovely creatures which can make our life more interesting and relaxing. Having guinea pig like pet means spending as much time as its possible with him. But when it comes time to grooming here are some tips below. Shorter hair guinea pigs don’t require as much grooming as a longer haired cavy, but it’s still nice to give them a brush every other day. ย Feel free to share it.


With regular brushing you will create strong bond with your cavy and also you will keep the coat look good. They enjoy in grooming because they get attention from their owners. Grooming your pet also allows you to check for any skin problems. Things that you need to buy include: 

- Small stiff bristle brush

- Small metal comb

- Quality nail clippers

Trimming Nails

When it comes time to trim your guinea pig nails we must know that if the nails are left to grow to long, you pet will have problem with moving. You should never force you cavy to do anything and this including their nails trimmed, so make it slowly and carefully. If they squirm around too much, it's best to leave the task up to the experts and take to the vet to have their nails professionally trimmed.


Bathing your guinea pig should be done if it is really necessary because they find it very stressful. If you have to bath your cavy, its important to use specific shampoo because human shampoo can trigger and allergic reaction. You should only wash their body being careful not to get any water or shampoo in their ears and eyes. Rinse off your pet very thoroughly before towel drying them and keeping them in a nice warm environment until they are completely dry to avoid them getting a chill.


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