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I Beg Your Suggestion ~ 365 Photos Challenge 274 – 277

It’s been almost three weeks for these two baby cats to be part of our family members. They stay healthy and grow fast. One thing we haven’t given them is the name. Yes, we have not given them a name. Well, maybe they don’t need it but we need it.

In my post about them before, one of their photos was titled, Yin & Yang. Apparently, the title has made Kim Johnson propose an idea to name them with that title. A few moments later, another friend, History Gal agreed with the idea too.

In a few posts later, History Gal suggested that I can ask all of you about the names for them. I think that was a very good idea and I am very grateful for her suggestion. So, through this post, I intend to ask for advice from all of you, my good friends here to propose two names for the two baby cats.  Hope you are pleased.

~ 274 One is still sleepy and the other is thirsty

The one who is still sleepy on the back is the little girl who first enters our family while the fat one in front is a boy who followed one day later.

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  1. Well since you mentioned me, I thought I should get the ball rolling. I love trying out new names for pets whether they be dogs or cats or birds or other (except for snakes).

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~ 277 Warm Hugs of Siblings

In all their unbalanced steps, most of the footsteps they directed were to find their siblings to share hugs and peace. The cute, calm girl is always willing to be a pillow or mattress for the more active boy.

That's how they are today. Hopefully, you are willing to give me an idea to call them both in their every name.

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  1. The land of Sheba was a Southern Arabian Kingdom. But as of today, I do no think anybody knew exactly where it was. This name is mentioned in the Bible and the Quran. It was apparently the home of the biblical “Queen of Sheba” in the Bible but is also known in Ethiopia under the name of “Makeda”. This is at least according to the famous Wikipedia. But I remember that name mentioned several times during my primary schooling which was predominantly catholic with friars and fathers and nuns.

~ 276 Quiet Girl and Brave Boy.

They now prefer to sleep on the couch in the TV room rather than sleeping in their own sleeping box. Especially in the morning to evening, they will always try to get out of their boxes to move beds. Maybe because the sofa is low so that in any way they will climb it, then sleep soundly there. They will always return to the couch even if we move them many times.

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~ 275 Plain and striped

The fat boy was plain gray with just a few line ornaments on his head while the cute girl was filled with lines all over her body.

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    • My apology if I’m not sending you a message about it. Before History Gal mentions your name, I thought I’ll bother you if you are busy with something. Thanks for your response

    • Actually, I have managed to overcome the problem today (I’ve already posted it too…), after the vet gave tips for that. But somehow I am always happy to get input and suggestions from The Goddes of Pet. Is that make sense?

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  1. The one in thee back looks like Kovu off of Simba’a pride from the Lion King series. So the back one could be Kovu and the female could be Kiara. Wait are they both males or females, or one of each lol.

  2. So glad to see they are still healthy and surviving, thanks to your care of course. Looks like you have a long list of names already to choose from. I have many…
    Bombay and India
    Adonis and Venus
    Amethyst and Topaz
    Abbott & Costello

  3. These photos are great shots of precious little bundles of joy that will brighten your days (and nights). I have already inserted a couple of suggestions for names under each picture. You will have to remember to have them neutered and spayed by at least 6 months old, I hope. I know that it will probably be expensive but if you do not want you just might lose them or run the risk of having a repeat performance, so I strongly suggest you start saving money for the operation which will be less for the male than the female and it would be better. Well Albert, congratulations on becoming a grandfather (of sort), and enjoy their company to the fullest.

    • You are truly generous by proposing many beautiful names, my friend.

      Suggestion to have them neutered and spayed is good. If it was done, it might have to be for both, but beyond that, now – before the two of them – I already have Susie and Popeye (but this one has been lost), as well as Sleigh and Whitty, two teenagers who boarding in my front terrace.

      Well, until they are more independent later, as a grandfather I’ve got picket assignments to look after them at night then continued by my daughter and my wife while I go to work. So, my sleep time is on commuting and during breaks.

      • Poor Albert, a granddad and relayed to sleeping on breaks and commuting. I remember those days, believe me, when I used to work evenings and then later 12 hour night shift as a registered nurse. Thank God I never had any children (except for dogs and cats which are basically just as demanding). All I have to say is persevere, catch up on napping whenever you can, and good luck.

        • Thank you for your sympathy, granddad’s good friend. I enjoy to do that, so it is not a burden at all. With Jakarta’s traffic jam, I usually have at least one hour to sleep on the car and half an hour at lunch break, but if I’m not busy, I can tell the secretary to not disturb me by anyone for an hour. I think that’s enough for me. After all, I don’t think it will take long to accompany their nights until they can be more independent.

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