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I Beg Your Suggestion ~ 365 Photos Challenge 274 – 277

It’s been almost three weeks for these two baby cats to be part of our family members. They stay healthy and grow fast. One thing we haven’t given them is the name. Yes, we have not given them a name. Well, maybe they don’t need it but we need it.

In my post about them before, one of their photos was titled, Yin & Yang. Apparently, the title has made Kim Johnson propose an idea to name them with that title. A few moments later, another friend, History Gal agreed with the idea too.

In a few posts later, History Gal suggested that I can ask all of you about the names for them. I think that was a very good idea and I am very grateful for her suggestion. So, through this post, I intend to ask for advice from all of you, my good friends here to propose two names for the two baby cats.  Hope you are pleased.


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