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Grey Squirrel Eating a Peanut

This cute grey squirrel blends in with the tree behind him and you can barely see him!

It was a bold little squirrel, it came very close to me hoping I would feed it some peanuts. After I threw one peanut, it ate the peanut quickly and came back for more. I fed it about 5 or 6 big peanuts and it still wanted more. It seems it was stashing the peanuts somewhere to have later on. I really enjoy feeding the squirrels and I’m happy when they come close to me!


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  1. How nice that you got such a good picture of your squirrel. I saw a brown one busily digging for something in the yard under my porch window today and considered running to get the camera. However, by the time I got back it probably would have been gone, given the downstairs neighbor has a dog.

  2. Aw, this is such a cute capture! I am lucky if I see one, let alone take a photo or feed it. They are so shy here! I always envy a little bit when I see photos of people who have squirrels eating from their hands.

  3. Presumably it did not have a peanut allergy! I prefer red squirrels, but they are not seen very often in the UK, and only in places where the greys (descended from American immigrants) have not penetrated.


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