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For Love of the Dog

What is it that makes us fall in love with a dog? What part of us will put up with whining, housebreaking, chewed furniture and baseboards, ruined carpeting and ungodly vet bills? What is it that makes us dog/cat lovers – an extra gene? There are people in the world that think folks like me are crazy to put up with any or all of the above. They say, “It’s only a dog,” and I want to smack them.

I love folks that love their furry children. They are my tribe and my people and I feel at home with others like me. They understand the need for a four legged love in our lives. I come home and it is a celebration and Mojo and Joker act like I have been away for years and I am a star – and that is just when I go to the grocery. They are incredibly excited by the new rope toy that I spent $5 on and they both think I am a gourmet cook.

It has been a year since I lost my Maggie. I still find that difficult to talk about. I fought so hard for her to find just the right combination of meds and cheered her on as she adjusted to Addison’s and had no idea she had a disease. Tom and i have loved every four legged baby that we have had the privilege to parent. Chrystal, Holly, Roxie, Giggles, Charlie, Maggie, Mojo and Joker have all enriched our lives.


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Written by Cathy Donohoue


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