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We are going to do one of these ranked lists correctly! It is international cat day so it seems a good day to try this with cats. Once again here it how it works. You can only upvote ONE (1) picture and the is the one you like the best. All of the rest of the pictures you DOWNVOTE.  So you vote on every picture and are allowed only one upvote and the rest have to be downvotes to make this work. If you have a question please send me a personal message. As near as I know none of these cats  are owned by anyone here so no one should get any feelings hurt.

Please, I am actually begging make one of these type of posts work!

#1 Friends or Foe?

Is this your one upvote?

4 points

#3 Norwegain Forest Cat

Is this your one upvote?

-3 points

#4 Looks like a romantic gift!

Look pretty sweet. 

Is this your one upvote?

-3 points

#5 My what bigs eyes you have?

Is this your one upvote? (His fur is the color of my grandson's hair)

-4 points

#6 Looks like trouble to me!

Is this your one upvote?

-7 points

What do you think?

16 points

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