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Eclipse: The Winter Question

Eclipse is not really our cat. He is a stray, and I had him checked out by the vet, so I would be secure letting him in the house from time to time. My pet cat Zinger likes to play with him. 

I know the weather will get colder, and I feel bad not letting him be our newest addition to the family. Tinker died a few months ago, and no fault of his own cost me a great deal, which I was happy to do it for him. Now, I still have Zinger.

If I kept him he would need to be declawed. he tries to tear up my furniture already. I know it is his instinct. I just feel bad, because i know if I let him in when it is cold he will never want to leave. Have any thoughts on this situation of mine?  I do love him! Maybe my husband could build him a shelter.

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  1. I missed this post a month ago. From the looks of him, he looks like he is cared for. I bet he is someones cat that just visits you. Is he altered? He looks like he is. I wouldn’t stress too much, they are very good at finding shelter even in the coldest winters. You may not be the only one he is visiting, some cats just make their rounds. If you built him a shelter outside he may not use it either.

  2. All I have to offer LaJenna is maybe built him an isolated shelter outside, but you will have to make sure he understands that it is his, how to get in etc. Plus you will have to continue feeding him etc. It is too bad about his predilection for your couch. Unless you spray the couch with a lemon scent repellent but then Zinger might be alarmed. I wish I could adopt Eclipse which carries his name well.

  3. I am so sorry about the loss of your other cat. So glad you have Zinger. That is very nice to let the cat that likes to visit you into your life. Instead of declawing him maybe get him a scratching pad. They really need their claws.

  4. I think that you have to make that choice letting him in because it will be cold and declawing him. My adopted cat Sid was never declawed and he had never caused me any problems. Of course, if Eclipse is already attacking the furniture that is different. What about scratching posts in strategic locations?

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