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Spa day at home

Today will be a day at the spa at home because I missed my beautician. And complete laziness. Beauty, books, ginger tea, music, silence, maybe even a beauty siesta. Because outside the window is such a spring day with rain and fog.

Because, thank God and the universe, with age I have learned not to resist any state – neither melancholy, nor sadness, nor joy, I have learned to just wait until they leave me, to live in peace, to pass them through myself like a stream of cold hardening water in the morning and let it all go… I even very like such madam Bovary melancholy days of silence…

You don’t fight with anyone, you don’t explain anything to anyone and you don’t try to prove it, you don’t try to pretend either against yourself or against others – you just are.

 These are such a kind of days of internal discharge when the mode of life is arranged, work matters are pre-arranged and there is no need to check e-mails, and lunch and dinner are prepared with love and in advance. And you only have time for yourself, for selfishly hedonist luxury.

I will light my beloved candles all over the house, play some baroque music. I will settle down and start …

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