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A hungry seagull perhaps.

I spotted this seagull the other day when I was walking home.  Well, I was sitting on the wall by the river taking a break for 5 minutes when I noticed this little chap.  You can’t get too close to seagulls as they will fly off.  But I zoomed in on my camera on my mobile phone and got this good shot of him (or her) squawking.  I didn’t see any young about, so no idea who he was calling to.  Maybe he was hungry, as I often see them eating little crabs what they’ve got from the river.  

I often take pictures of seagulls.  I know people think they are quite ugly and scary looking, but I quite like them.  I think they are quite clever little creatures really and this one certainly amused me.


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  1. I like seagulls, they are quite tame here, and will get close. They will take food right from your hand, and will flock you for food. I love taking pictures of them, and this one is really funny. He seems he has a lot to say!


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