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World City Names Quiz

How much do you know about the current and previous names of world cities? Take this quiz and find out. Please share your experiences below 🙂

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    Which city in California was formerly named Yerba Buena (‘good grass’)?

    • San Francisco
    • Los Angeles
    • San José
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    Previously called Hot Springs, which New Mexico town renamed itself in 1950 after a popular radio quiz show?

    • Beat the Blondes
    • Truth or Consequences
    • Bullseye
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    New York was once called after a colour. Which was it?

    • New Pink
    • New Indigo
    • New Orange
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    Which central African capital used to be known as Léopoldville, after a Belgian king?

    • Brazzaville
    • Kigali
    • Kinshasa
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    The US town of Sitka was formerly known as Novoarkhangelsk. Which state is Sitka in?

    • Hawaii
    • Nebraska
    • Alaska
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    Formerly known as Cross Keys, which town in Amish country in Pennsylvania, USA, was named for the fellowship and social support shared by its community of faith?

    • Interference
    • Interaction
    • Intercourse
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    Which West African capital used to be known as Bathurst?

    • Banjul (Gambia)
    • Accra (Ghana)
    • Monrovia (Liberia)
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    St. Paul, Minnesota, was formerly named for a body part of a farm animal. What was it called?

    • Duck’s Arse
    • Pig’s Eye
    • Cow’s Udder
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    The Vietnamese city Saigon was renamed after a revolutionary hero, as…

    • Rodrigo Duterte City
    • Ho Chi Minh City
    • Mao Zedong City
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    The Japanese town Koromo changed its name to that of which major auto manufacturer?

    • Toyota
    • Honda
    • Mitsubishi
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    New York was once called after a different European city, as…

    • New Berlin
    • New Moscow
    • New Amsterdam


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