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Words beginning with E


This is the fifth of my series on word meanings. Surprise, surprise, that means we’ve got to E!

Even if you don’t know these words, try working out the most likely meaning.

  • easement

    • An old-fashioned word for a window
    • In law, a right of way across somebody’s property
    • In the sport of squash, the deduction of points after a protest by a player claiming to have been fouled
  • ecdysis

    • The regular moulting of an outer skin by insects and crustaceans
    • In classical architecture, a rounded moulding at the top of a column
    • A position in ballet
  • eclogue

    • A poem, traditional expressed as a conversation between shepherds
    • A model of the human body with the skin removed
    • A state of balance in the natural world
  • effulgence

    • Rude or arrogant behaviour
    • Waste material from a cell or organism
    • Brightness or a brilliant light radiating from something
  • elenchus

    • An insectivorous plant found in South Asia
    • A form of argument that involves refuting a proposition by proving the opposite
    • In art, the application of paint without using a brush
  • enation

    • A territory without a formal government
    • An outgrowth on a leaf, caused by a viral infection
    • A speech given in a loud voice
  • epitasis

    • The growth of crystals on those of another substance
    • Bleeding from the nose
    • The development section of a play in classical drama
  • ergot

    • A formal way of saying “therefore”
    • A fungus that attacks cereal plants
    • A measurement of work done
  • eustasy

    • Tolerance of organisms to a wide range of environmental conditions
    • A worldwide change in sea levels
    • Expression of strong emotions
  • exegesis

    • Words said at a funeral service
    • Being particularly good at something
    • The explanation or interpretation of texts

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