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Words Beginning With C

My quiz on “Words Beginning with B” seemed to go down well, so what about having a go at a similar quiz on word meanings, but this time with all the answers beginning with C?

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    • A monastic vestment
    • A plant with edible buds that can be pickled and used to flavour food
    • A small edible marine fish
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    • A flexible tube with a pointed end, used in medical and surgical procedures
    • A type of rapeseed oil used for cooking
    • A song or chant used in church services
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    • A movement in equine dressage
    • A wildcat found in Africa and Asia
    • A cloak with a large hood
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    • A member of a medieval monastic order
    • Having a deep blue colour
    • Being opinionated and unlikely to change one’s mind
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    • A Hindu religious festival
    • A light carriage drawn by a pony
    • A noisy celebration for newlyweds
  • Question of


    • Calmness in a stressful situation
    • A hot bechamel sauce that is also used when cold and set
    • A person whose temper changes suddenly for no apparent reason
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    • To proceed in one direction round a circle, then back again
    • Leaves or fronds that are coiled with the tip in the centre
    • A white colourless acid
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    • A small dagger
    • A bone at the top of the ribcage
    • A stringed keyboard musical instrument
  • Question of


    • The study of manuscripts
    • A cipher system
    • The study of partnerships
  • Question of


    • Having many small waves or wrinkles
    • A primitive marine invertebrate animal
    • Containing a stiff fabric made from horsehair


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