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Do You Think That You Know All The World’s Famous Landmarks? It’s Time To Check It Out!

Are you a world traveler and you love visiting new places? Does the thought of going unfamiliar places excites you? Well, that means that you are an adventurous person who can’t stand being at one place and has the need to go some place different at least once or twice a year. There are some remarkable landmarks scattered all around the world that are worth the visit for sure. Do you think that you have visited the ones that I have got for you today, or are they familiar to you and are on your to-visit list?

Take this quiz and see whether you know the locations of these super famous tourist attractions!


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    Taj Mahal is located in:

    • Singapore
    • Indonesia
    • India
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    The Colosseum is located in:

    • Portugal
    • Italy
    • France
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    Magic Fountain of Montjuïc is located in:

    • Spain
    • Germany
    • Sweden
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    The Acropolis is located in:

    • Macedonia
    • Malta
    • Greece
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    Tower Bridge is located in:

    • USA
    • England
    • Canada
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    Giza Pyramid is located in:

    • Jordan
    • Israel
    • Egypt
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    Opera House is located in:

    • Australia
    • New Zealand
    • Indonesia
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    St. Basil’s Cathedral is located in:

    • Finland
    • Norway
    • Russia
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    The Little Mermaid is located in:

    • Denmark
    • Netherlands
    • Poland
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    Burj Al Arab is located in:

    • Qatar
    • Bahrain
    • United Arab Emirates


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