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Songs To Walk On

Up next songs with feet in the title. There are amazing songs out there. I hope you all enjoy the quiz.

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    Paul McCartney sang about turning things around

    • Back On My Feet
    • Up On My Feet
    • Standing on Feet
  • Question of

    The Monkees has a similar song about saying that things will work out it was I’ll Be Back Upon

    • These Feet
    • My Feet Again
    • Standing Again
  • Question of

    Donna Summer sang about something being on her feet

    • Sandy Feet
    • Sand On My Feet
    • Feet With Sand
  • Question of

    Teddy Pendegrast sang about how a woman made him feel She Knocks

    • Me Down
    • Me Off My Feet
    • Out My Feet
  • Question of

    The Kinks were standing solidly

    • Feet Down
    • My Feet On the Ground
    • Feet Firm
  • Question of

    Richard Thompson had two of them

    • Same Feet
    • Two Left Feet
    • Feet the Same
  • Question of

    Quet Riot sang a very odd song Stomp Your Hands

    • Clap On Your Feet
    • Click Your Feet
    • Clap Your Feet
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    Toto were standing too long

    • Dying On My Feet
    • Tired Feet
    • Feet That Hurt


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