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Quiz of basic knowledge

Quiz range of knowledge. It is necessary to give the correct answer to the question asked. Three answers are provided.

Check your knowledge and enjoy!

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    Hydrophobia is the road with a sip of one infectious disease. Which one?

    • Rabies
    • Scarlet fever
    • Malaria
  • Question of

    Which actress is famous for the film Blue Angel?

    • Greta Garbo
    • Marlene Dietrich
    • Mae West
  • Question of

    In what century Europeans began settling Australia?

    • 17 century
    • 18 century
    • 19 century
  • Question of

    When Michael Gerrard “Mike” Tyson bite for ears in the boxing match for the championship title?

    • Evander Holyfield
    • Lennox Lewis
  • Question of

    “No Woman No Cry” is a song Bob Marley. All the money from the song is donated

    • Public kitchen in the ghetto where he grew up.
    • A library in the ghetto where he grew up
    • The city hospital where he grew up
  • Question of

    How many drops of sea water contain an atom of gold?

    • 1 Bilion
    • 1 Milons
    • 10 Milions
  • Question of

    In which country is the famous winter sports center – Zakopane located?

    • Poland
    • Slovakia
    • Bohemia
  • Question of

    Pothetes or sticks are originally fabricated for

    • Men
    • Women
    • Both


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  1. Only got 5 correct but learned a lot. Did not know about the donations from Bob Marley’s sing. I like it even more now. Cool quiz.