Thrift Confession

I had an off day at work today, so I ventured out to Village Discount Outlet. I swung by the shoe section and did a very thorough search after stumbling on a pair of  Michael Jordan basketball shoes. Michael Jordan shoes at a thrift store? Yes!

And it did not stop there because I was torn between purchasing either a cute pair of Starter sneakers or some very eye catching glitter high tops by G by Guess. Oddly both fit me well which made me contemplate for a while in the section.

I swear women are so lucky to have access to some of the more fashionable footwear. I could not take my eyes off of these beautiful Marylyn Monroe heels which I just had to share pictures of. I sometimes question myself because I get so intrigued looking at items in the women’s department.

I ended up leaving out with three pairs of jeans: 2 Levis, and Calvin Klien, and the lovely pair of high top glitter shoes by G by Guess which will definitely be worn.


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