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Quiz: Food named after Places – Test your Knowledge!

This fun quiz is all about food named after places. Ever heard of Brussels sprouts? Baked Alaska? You’ll walk it! Let us know how you get on! ? 

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Answers correct per Wikipedia. Cover image CC BY 2.0.

  • Question of

    If a Frankfurter is a sausage, and a Hamburger is a… burger, then what is a Berliner?

    • Pastry
    • Metre-long chicken sandwich
    • Fish curry
  • Question of

    Queso Chihuahua is a cheese made of dog’s milk, true or false?

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    Thousand Island dressing took its name from…

    • The Hawaiian Islands
    • Thousand Island Lake in Madera County, California
    • Thousand Islands archipelago in the St Lawrence river
  • Question of

    Chicken Kiev a dish made of chicken fillet pounded and rolled around butter, then coated with eggs and crumbs and fried. Although there is disagreement over the dish’s origin, it is named after Kiev, the capital city of…

    • Russia
    • Ukraine
    • Moldova
  • Question of

    The Arabs and Turks call it hindi, meaning ‘India’; the Portuguese call it peru. In Malay it’s called ‘ayam belanda’ (Dutch chicken). The Macedonians call it ‘misir’, meaning Egypt. And we call it… TURKEY! But where did this bird really originate?

    • America
    • India
    • Turkey
  • Question of

    Jerusalem artichokes originated in…

    • Israel
    • America
    • Japan
  • Question of

    Where did Kiwifruit originate?

    • China
    • New Zealand
    • Australia
  • Question of

    Valencia oranges were first hybridised in…

    • Orange Free State, South Africa
    • Santa Ana, California
    • Valencia, Spain
  • Question of

    Damson plum takes its name from…

    • Damascus
    • Denmark
    • Dar-es-Salaam
  • Question of

    Roma tomatoes…

    • originated in Romania
    • were traditionally grown by the itinerant Roma/Romani people
    • were developed in the US and called after the Italian for Rome
  • Question of

    Buffalo wings took their name from which American placename?

    • Wing, North Dakota
    • Wing, Alabama
    • Buffalo, New York
  • Question of

    Wiener Schnitzel is named after…

    • Warsaw
    • Vienna
    • Venezuela
  • Question of

    Tamarind takes its name from the Arabic for…

    • Date of Africa
    • Date of Turkey
    • Date of India
  • Question of

    Mongolian barbecue is a stir fried dish that was developed in…

    • Taiwan
    • Korea
    • Mongolia
  • Question of

    Peking duck is named after which place?

    • Bombay/Mumbai
    • Penang
    • Pyongyang
    • Dhaka
    • Beijing


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