epa05608392 A view of deep rift asphalt road near Ussita, in Macerata province, one of the most affected by the earthquake of three days ago in Central Italy, 29 October 2016. The 5.5 magnitued earthquake destroyed part of the town. Authorities scrambled to find housing for thousands of people displaced by a pair of strong earthquakes that struck the same region of central Italy that was hit by a deadly quake in August. EPA/MASSIMO PERCOSSI

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Quiz about earthquakes

Waves are disorder that are widened and transmit energy. Many believe that waves can only spread through water but can also be through solid matter. If it spreads with earth’s carbon, we call them earthquake. Earthquakes are very common in parts of the Earth, while in other parts of the world are rare. Earthquakes have been studying for several centuries, and in this quiz check how much you know about them.

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    Science that studies earthquakes is called

    • seismology
    • geography
  • Question of

    The source of the earthquake is called the

    • incenter
    • epicenter
  • Question of

    Mercali’s ladder is measured by

    • impact on bridges
    • impact on people
  • Question of

    The scale that measures the earthquake energy is called

    • Richter
    • Bromann
  • Question of

    The International Association for Seismology was founded in

    • 1850
    • 1905
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    The earthquake detector is called a

    • seismograph
    • earthgraph
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    The place of the most earthquake on earth is called the

    • Ring of Fire
    • Fire Circle
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    The slight earthquake levels on the Richter scale are between

    • 4.0 and 4.9
    • 2.0 and 2.9


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  1. Missed two. Thankfully, I’ve never been hit by earthquakes, but felt some.
    One in 2003, I was at school at the time, the epicenter was close (30 km) but I guess it wasn’t strong enough, because we didn’t get any damage, except some scare and discomfort.
    Then I felt another in 2012, the epicenter was 200 km far. ?
    Italy is definitely a highly seismic area. ?

  2. I miss one. The last one. I almost know about earthquake because I read about them when a magnitude 7.9 hit the province in the Philippines. I was 8 when I learnes about the basic terms.