Let’s solve lengthy tasks: Physics

After we have checked the knowledge of the measuring units for the length in the first quiz, in this quiz we will apply them to assignments. You may need a calculator for calculations so prepare it. If, after solving the quiz, something is unclear to you, ask me in the comments and I’ll be happy to clarify your answers.

Good luck and remember your physics professor.

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    The length of the steps is 70 cm. How long have we crossed, expressed in meters, if we are counting 2356 steps?

    • 1752.3 meters
    • 1649.2 meters
    • 1518.7 meters
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    The track length is 400 m. How many times will the athlete run in the track race at 4 km?

    • 8
    • 9
    • 10
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    Johny is tall at 1.53 meters and Steven is 1.65 meters. Express their height in centimeters.

    • 187 and 154
    • 134 and 127
    • 153 and 165
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    John is 200cm high. How high is Mathew in the meters if he is 130 millimeters lower than John?

    • 1.87
    • 1.88
    • 1.89
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    The higher it is: 1520 millimeters or 1.5 meters?

    • 1520 millimeters
    • 1.5 meters
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    The length of the soccer gate is 7.32 m and the height 2.44 m. How many meters of metal pipe is needed to set the door?

    • 13.60m
    • 14.40m
    • 12.20m
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    Jan of 200 dice of 7 cm length made a straight uninterrupted line, so two   neighboring toothpicks are touched. How many meters is this long drawn line?

    • 14m
    • 15m
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    Hair grows on average 0.3 mm. How much hair grows on average in 30 days?

    • 99mm
    • 9mm


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