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Personality Quiz: Discover Your Own Personal Style of Leadership (Part One)

Hi. This quiz enables you to discover what your own personal style of leadership is, when you are leading a team of people anywhere; whether at work, or at home in your personal life. 

There is no right or wrong answer to each of the questions. Select the option which you think best applies to you. It is important that you are as truthful as possible in your responses to the questions in the scenarios given; as your profile is based on your answers.

I will  soon be following up this post with a more in-depth analysis for each of the leadership.profiles identified and detailed at the end of the quiz. Enjoy completing the quiz. Do leave your comments, in the section below.

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  • Question of

    I am the ideal leadership candidate when there is a need …..:

    • To provide a sense of order and planning.
    • To serve others; and to give long service to the cause or organisation.
    • For dominance over situations and control people.
    • To persuade people and influence situations.
  • Question of

    I am stimulated by …..:

    • The challenges of new adventure, effective change and achieving positive results.
    • A secure workplace; security of tenure and the status quo.
    • Effective quality standards and thoroughness, in the workplace.
    • Being around other people, motivating them and persuading them to my point of view.
  • Question of

    The first impressions which I portray when people meet me, or get to know me, are:

    • Calmness and empathy.
    • Friendliness and chatty.
    • Directness and confidence.
    • Orderliness and being organised.
  • Question of

    In terms of being creative; I would say that …..:

    • I am a creative type and that defines me..
    • I am creative only when the rules and guidelines demand it.
    • I am not a creative type. I prefer sticking to reality.
    • I am creative only when my team wants to be creative.
  • Question of

    My basic drive, when leading a team; is:

    • To influence others and persuade them to help me achieve my overall vision.
    • To have power, be powerful, exercise power and deal effectively with any opposition.
    • To have a logical order, be orderly and follow the rules set down by the organisation.
    • To maintain harmony and cohesion in the team; and ensure everyone is satistified.
  • Question of

    When I am making a decision, as a team leader……:

    • I often make quick decisions, sometimes without even involving my team.
    • My team members often influence my decisions, even if I don’t agree with them.
    • My ability to persuade others to agree with me influences my final decisions.
    • I often take my time when making decisions. One can’t be too careful.
  • Question of

    When leading other people at anytime, anywhere, I believe that… –

    • You can never be too accommodating.
    • You don’t have to often consult, or delegate.
    • You can never be too objective.
    • You can never be too subjective.
  • Question of

    When dealing with non-performers in my team who make critical mistakes…..:

    • I can often be blunt with my non-performing team members; and threaten to sack them.
    • I can often be emotional and sad with my non-performing team members.
    • I find it easy to be critical, or picky with my team members who make mistakes.
    • I often overlook the mistakes of my team members and find a way to rectify their errors.
  • Question of

    As a team leader; when it comes to bending the rules and taking risks; I believe that …..:

    • You should always be rules oriented. You can’t bend the rules.
    • You don’t have to be flexible – stick to your own lane.
    • You can never take too many risks – if you don’t try your don’t win.
    • You can bend the rules, particularly after talking with your team.
  • Question of

    When leading others, I think that ………:

    • I am a people-oriented leader.
    • I am a results-oriented leader.
    • I am a vision-oriented leader.
    • I am a rules-oriented leader.


What do you think?


Written by Daniel Obiago

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