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Skills and Qualities that Enhance Resilience – Feeling in Control

Feeling in Control 

Sailing a small yacht means knowing the capabilities of the craft and utilising all available resources to sail skilfully across the sea. Being in control means the yacht can be manoeuvred quickly and easily.  Clever harnessing of resources allows for the yacht to be sailed by adapting to subtle changes in the use of the sailor’s body, the boat and the elements. The direction of sail can be changed frequently according to the speed and direction of the wind.  Changing the direction of a large vessel is not as easy as it takes a lot of time and energy.

Examples of questions you might use when coaching around Feeling in Control

– How can you identify the resources and skills that you need? How can you harness all the necessary resources?

– What do you need to do to ensure that you have everything required for a task?

– How do you practise and develop your skills?

– How confident are you in your ability to meet any challenge?

– What do you need to develop to meet these challenges?  Where are you going to get this support?

– What does it take for you to feel in control and be immersed in an activity?

– How does it feel to be in control, to have complete concentrated involvement in a task?  How do you invest attention into the task?  How do you maintain that control?

– How flexible are you in adapting to situations that take control or resources away from you?

– How does this impact upon you?  What are your feelings and attitude towards this? What resources do you need to get back in order to regain control?

One of a series of 18 images from the coaching toolbox – Images of Resilience

Find out more about resilience in “The Authority Guide to Emotional Resilience in Business” by Robin Hills.


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Written by Robin Hills

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