Skills and Qualities that Enhance Resilience – Determination


These people have overcome major adversity and are doing something that is fun, competitive and that they enjoy.  They have faced life-changing physical events and have taken up new challenges to ensure that they can still enjoy life and the contributions that they can make despite major setbacks.  There is a determination not to let setbacks get in the way of ambition.  Whatever life throws at them, these people will carry on enjoying the challenge of life with optimism and a positive outlook.

Examples of questions you might use when coaching around Determination

– What is your reaction in the face of adversity?

– How do you react to major life changing events? What is your reaction to situations that seem insurmountable? What support do you get from others?

– How do you develop your ambition and your determination?

– What do you do to acquire new skills or take on new challenges? How much are you prepared to change your life completely?

– How competitive are you?  How much is your determination pitched within yourself to do better? How much is your determination to beat the competition?

– How important is it to you to win?  Do you want to win at any cost?

– How collaborative are you in your determination to succeed?

– How do others view your determination and persistence?

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Written by Robin Hills

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  1. Great post I will think about this. I like the question about how collaborative are you? Usually we think about competition, we think that it is a person who steps on people’s toes all the time. But everybody has to work together.

    • Thanks, Rachael. A severe life changing event, such as a disability, changes one’s perspective on working with others. It doesn’t stop people enjoying competitive sports but beyond sport collaboration becomes far more important (and, unfortunately, necessary).

      [It is only fair to point out that I have not experienced a severe life changing event. I don’t know how I would react and I hope I never need to find out.]