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Find out what your interpersonal skills-communication style is; – using my Personality Quiz below. You can start playing by clicking “Lets Play” below.

This quiz enables you to find out what your current communication style and interpersonal skills are; when you communicate with other people verbally.

People communicate to each other, all of the time, everywhere in the world; in every way possible, and in every manner of situations; while using different means of communication.

Since your profile is based on your answers to the questions given; it is important that you are as truthful as possible in your responses. There is no right or wrong answer to each of the questions and scenarios. Just select the option which you think best applies to you. This quiz were produced by myself. All rights reserved.

Do enjoy completing the quiz and share it with your friends/social networks. You may choose to leave your comments, in the section below. Thanks. Good luck.

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  • Question of

    If I don’t know how to do something;

    • I feel guilty asking for help
    • I always find it easy to ask for help
    • I don’t need to ask for help; people around always help me
    • I somehow get someone to help me. It all depends.
  • Question of

    Whenever someone around me does something wrong;

    • I always inform the person that they are in the wrong
    • I hardly inform the person that they are in the wrong
    • I use the person’s wrong-doing to my own advantage
    • I often inform the person that they are in the wrong
  • Question of

    When I am given tasks to do, which I don’t agree with;

    • I delay in carrying out them out and could sabotage things
    • I just carry out them out; as I am not bothered challenging things
    • I simply refuse to carry out them out, regardless of consequences
    • I explain why I can’t carry out them out; and seek a consensus
  • Question of

    Whenever I tell someone what my views/opinions are, about something:

    • I am sometimes honest and direct
    • I am hardly honest and direct
    • I am always honest and direct
    • I can be honest and/or dishonest. It all depends
  • Question of

    If I get into a disagreement with someone, that I am having a discussion with;

    • I often raise my voice
    • I often lower my voice
    • I always keep my voice the same
    • I often stop talking and keep quiet
  • Question of

    When it comes to my being in control;

    • I always want to be in control of things; and other people
    • I always try to control those people who are in control of things
    • I always want other people to be in control of things and others
    • I always seek to be in control of myself; but not other people
  • Question of

    When people give me compliments;

    • I pretend that I don’t like compliments; but I really enjoy them
    • I take compliments for granted, as I expect to be flattered
    • I do find compliments to be embarrassing, or uncomfortable
    • I lap up compliments with appreciation; I do live for the spotlight
  • Question of

    When a majority decision is reached, that I don’t agree with it;

    • I always go along with the decision to please the majority
    • I do not go along with the decision; and will try to change/alter it
    • I respect the majority decision; but will not change my own view
    • I will change my decision; if I perceive that I am to gain from changing sides
  • Question of

    When I disagree with someone in a group, and we don’t get along. When we do interact;

    • I give the person the silent treatment
    • I avoid the person and give the person plenty of space
    • I make sure the person always knows that we are in conflict
    • I do try to be still friendly with the person


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Written by Daniel Obiago

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