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How much do you know about tap water?

We take it for granted. We open a tap and here it goes. A freshwater running out of it for our convenience and joy. But, is it like that all around the world? Let’s see how much you really know about the tap water.

  • Half of the Earth population has no access to the drinking water

    • Yes
    • No, only 1 billion
  • Many girls in developing countries collect water instead attending school

    • Yes, collecting water is their obligation in those countries
    • No, this is not true, water is gathered by adult men
  • Led contamination in tap water can cause a learning disorder

    • Yes
    • No
  • Safe Drinking Water Act regulates only 91 harmful chemicals used in the US

    • Yes, this is true the rest is legal but toxic
    • No, this is not true, all are covered and illegal
  • The tap water was found to contain sex hormones and anti-seizure medications

    • Yes, around 40 million US citizens are exposed to this pollution
    • No, this is a misinformation, it is not legal
  • A blind taste tests proves that tap water tastes better than a bottled one

    • Yes, this is accurate
    • No, bottle water is pure and tastes better
  • 2 % of the Earth’s water is safe to drink

    • No, 10%
    • No, 0.007 %
  • Polluted chemicals in tap water have no taste or smell

    • Yes
    • No
  • Contaminated water kills one child every 8 seconds

    • No, 8 hours
    • No, 8 seconds
  • Companies for bottled water don’t test their employees to any diseases

    • Yes,they go around sneezing all over the factory
    • No, they test on everything and they wear protective gear

What do you think?

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  1. 9 out of 10. #6 is a bunch of bologna! How is that accurate? Tap water doesn’t taste better then bottle water. In fact tap water tastes nasty compared to bottled water and filtered water. You got your facts backed up by a source? If so can I see the exact source…?

  2. I got 6. Fun quiz, but the answer to question 9 is a little ambiguous and I very much doubt that tapped water tastes better than bottled in any case study, unless of course that study is run by a water company. I would never ever drink tap water and anyone who does is frankly ‘tapped’ in my opinion, pardon the pun.

  3. 4/10, but I think that some of the answers will depend on which country you are referring to. For example, I have had bottled water in the United States and the United Kingdom, and there is a world of difference between them, just as there is depending on the particular mineral springs in the UK from which the water is derived.

  4. Great quiz. Although I have to disagree with question 6 and 8. Your tap water might taste good, but here it tastes dirty, it is milky looking from the tap, and has a really bad taste. You can even smell it. I tested it one time and the bacteria levels were in the 3000’s. Worse than toilet water.

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