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I Love Money Quiz

Who does not love money? Without it there are so many problems. You won’t have anybody to marry. Neither will you without it make merry.

Money buys a comfortable bed. Yet sleep does you evade. Money cannot buy life. With it you are full of strife. Where is money peace? It cannot hold you in one piece.

How lovely are crisps of notes. It also has nice shots. I need to hold you forever. I want to be with you ever and ever. Yet you buy me a coffin. You burry me without a penny.

Oh, money my love. Your beauty lead me to the grave. Do you know to me you lie? Do you know you are too sly. When long gone is foolish me. You live on to great fame.- Meshack Bwoyele Keya.

  • Question of

    How valuable is money?

    • Very valuable
    • Least valuable
    • Most valuable
    • No value
  • Question of

    Which one describes money as a store of value?

    • You sell your cow in drought and buy another in good times
    • You buy a cow after selling five goats
    • You give a cow for bags of maize
    • This sounds confusing
  • Question of

    Which will have the third highest value here as to date

    • GBP
    • USD
    • Euro
    • Australian dollar
  • Question of

    Which is the largest forex market in the world?

    • USA
    • Japan
    • Singapore
    • United kingdom
  • Question of

    How much money can you get and saybit is enough?

    • Too much money
    • What can make life liveable
    • Too little
    • None at all
  • Question of

    Who holds position 5 in the word’s richest man

    • Mark Zuckerberg
    • Bill Gates
    • Carlos Slim
    • Warren Buffet
  • Question of

    Who is considered to be the richest woman in the world?

    • Maria Franca Fissolo
    • Lilliane Bethencourt
    • Alice Walton
    • Jacqueline Mars
  • Question of

    What will you do if you had much more money?

    • Relax and enjoy it
    • Have all the leisure in the world
    • Invest and donate some to charity
    • Boast about it to the world.


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