How much do you know about Charon?

Charon is Pluto’s biggest satellite. There is a whole sack of the rocks and ice orbiting Pluto, but the Charon is the biggest and the most interesting. Let’s see how much do you know about it!

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    Pluto is binary planet to Charon

    • Yes, Pluto and Charon are binary planet system
    • No, Pluto is a dwarf planet
    • Charon is a moon, not binary system to Pluto
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    Other Pluto satellites are Nix, Hydra, Kerberos, and Styx

    • Yes, all these are Pluto’s moons
    • No, you forgot one – Nix, Hydra, Kerberos, Styx and Charon
    • No, only Charon is Pluto’s moon
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    Charon and Pluto are set into a tidal locking position to each other

    • No, of course not, Charon orbits Pluto in an equal cycles setting and rising
    • No, this is completely incorrect
    • Yes, Charon never set or rises on Pluto’s sky
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    Pluto and Charon orbit a barycenter

    • Yes, they don’t orbit each other but a common center of gravity
    • They don’t orbit each other, Charon orbits Pluto
    • No, they orbit each other
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    Charon is covered in frozen water

    • No, Charon has no frozen substance on surface at all which is covered with open chasms
    • Yes, it is covered in regular water based ice
    • No, it is covered in frozen nitrogen, methane, and carbon dioxide just like Pluto.
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    Charon has ice geysers and ice volcanoes

    • Yes, it has an ice based geology
    • No, this is not possible
    • No, it has a methane based geology
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    Charon and Pluto are face-close at 12 200 thousand miles of distance

    • No, nothing can orbit that close to each other
    • Yes, they are extremely close and both have gravity
    • Yes, they are extremely close due to Pluto’s low gravity
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    Charon is a little bit over a half the size of Pluto

    • Yes, this is correct meassure
    • No, this is incorrect, Charon is bigger
    • No, Pluto and Charon are the same size


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