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History of British Royalty

Just a small quiz on Brittish History. Although Im a New Zealander, my ancestors were from Britain.

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    When was King Harold defeated by William the Conqueror?

    • 679
    • 1248
    • 1066
    • 1918
  • Question of

    Who was Eleanor of Aquitaine?

    • Wife of King William 7th
    • Mother of Richard the Lion heart
    • Wife of King Louis
  • Question of

    The Confessor, which King?

    • Edward
    • George
    • William
    • Luke
  • Question of

    Which wife of King Henry 8th had a son ?

    • Catherine of Aragon
    • Anne Boleyn
    • Jane Seymour
  • Question of

    Which King burnt the Cakes?

    • Alfred
    • William
  • Question of

    Which King burnt the Cakes?

    • George
    • Michael
  • Question of

    Who was the White Queen?

    • Isabelle Neville
    • Margaret Beaufort
    • Elizabeth Woodville
  • Question of

    King Charles 1st was executed for high treason 1649

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    King William of Orange was from Germany?

    • Yes
    • No


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Written by Pamela Moresby


  1. I got 6 out of 9 right! but I agree with what Indexer has said. These quizzes are very tricky to make as sometimes the options do not register correctly. Maybe you can the Editors to return it to Draft and correct the quiz again.

  2. 5/9. In the final question, I wonder are you confusing King William III of England with William I, Prince of Orange (who was never king of England). The latter was born in what is now Germany, though it wasn’t then, but the English king was from the Netherlands, as Indexer points out.

  3. 8/9! I enjoyed this as I am real history buff. Good quiz, but i agree with Indexer’s comments above. There are one or two dubious answers to the questions, and one question: “Which King burnt the cakes?” appears twice, and in the second instance, the suggested answers don’t correspond. I think you have accidentally duplicated a question where you meant to put a new one.

      • I know. I have posted a couple of quizzes here and found it quite tricky, so I have made mistakes with them too. It is a pain that we can’t edit once we have submitted our posts here and they have been accepted. I think they should still have the Edit option available.

  4. There are some problems with this quiz. For one thing, you are wrong about William of Orange, who was Dutch and not German. Question 4 does not appear to have a right answer (should be Jane Seymour). Question 6 repeats question 5 – although not with the same answers. I am also not convinced that the name `White Queen` existed outside the imagination of Philippa Gregory – the assignment of white and red roses as the symbols of the houses of York and Lancaster was not contemporary but a much later invention.