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Hidden, missing, and just Mixed UP…

I have been playing with photos again so watch out…

The object of this quiz is to find stuff I have done to the photos inside. 

All you have to do is answer the questions. 

How well do you do on perception? 

Find out below. 

Good luck and have fun! 

  • Question of

    Who is this? Hint: The answer is hidden here.

    • Sparkles, the notorious jewel thief in the CSI games here on Virily.
    • Kim’s son.
    • Kim’s dad.
    • Some random person and his dog…
    • Both 1 and 2!
  • Question of

    What is this man doing?

    • Flying a kite that is out of frame.
    • Taking pictures.
    • That is not a guy, it’s a tree.
    • Nothing
  • Question of

    Look closely at this photo, I will ask a question about it at the end of this quiz.

    • Okay, I will see what I can remember…
    • Why would you do this??? Hint: Here’s the thing, if you click this one you will get the question wrong. So you have to agree. See how this works? lol
  • Question of

    In this one, all you have to do is look at it and answer the next question.

    • Okay
  • Question of

    I took something out of the above original, where was it?

    • The top
    • In the reflection
    • You didn’t take anything out.
  • Question of

    In this collage there are two different pictures one has something taken out. What was the object that I took out?

    • Clouds
    • Part of the mountains or hills.
    • Some trees.
    • Some flowers.
    • Some boulders.
  • Question of

    This is a cropped version of the same photo used above, but there is a different change. Where is it located?

    • The top
    • The middle
    • The bottom
    • All of the above?
  • Question of

    What did Ralph do?

    • He was a gate guard.
    • He ate too much.
    • He was the owner of Gateway electronics.
    • He was a slum lord. : (
  • Question of

    I took out something here, it rhymes with ______. Fill in the blank.

    • Bird Louse
    • Third House
    • Burned House
    • Church Mouse
    • All of the above.
  • Question of

    Remember question number 1? The one you were supposed to look at and answer the question at the end. Well, the time has come, this is the end. Which way were you supposed to go to get to the beach and how far was it?

    • To the left and it was 10 miles.
    • To the right and it was 8 miles.
    • Straight ahead, and it was 7 miles.
    • All of the above?


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Written by Kim_Johnson

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