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Guess these active Virily users!

These ten members have posted in the last week. Just guess who they are.

They have to have been active on 9-10-18,  and have over 5 posts.

I gathered 20 names off of the users list in the morning of September, tenth, two thousand and eighteen and entered them into a random number generator. These numbers came up! 

The object of the game:  I have hidden their name, how many posts they had as of 9-10-18 and the title to one of their last posts in these 10 photos. Just find where they are hidden and you will get the answer! 

Hint: Zoom! These are best looked at on a big screen.

Good luck, have fun and go show these people some Virily Love ~~~  

  • Question of

    The first subject is ______. The three clues are hidden _____.

    • Vidocka, on the top of the frame.
    • lado, on the left hand side!
    • Doc Andersen, on the wolfdog and blanket.
    • Mavic123456, on the kitten!
  • Question of

    Name _________. Clues ___________.

    • Doc Andersen, they are all in the sky on the top right!
    • Indexer, they are all on that man!
    • Versus Vll, they are all on the bottom.
    • Cmoneyspinner, they are all on the parachute.
  • Question of

    These clues are _____, and the person is ___________.

    • All in the sky, it’s Cmoneyspinner.
    • Ocean, it’s Doc Andersen.
    • Tower, it’s Indexer.
    • On the fore ground and it is Robin Biznis.
  • Question of

    This is ____________ the clues are _________.

    • Doc Andersen, on the cement top of the frame.
    • Best Feeds, on the cat that is looking at the camera.
    • Gloridaze, on the bottom.
    • lado, on the cat on the right.
  • Question of

    The clues are _____ and this is _________!

    • In the top tree, it’s lado.
    • In the blue part of the sky, it’s Branka Drobnjak.
    • In the yellow part of the sky. It’s Vidocka.
    • None of the above!
  • Question of

    This is _____. The clues are all ____.

    • Branka Drobnjak. Sky.
    • Doc Andersen. On the cats.
    • Indexer. Reflection on the car.
    • Robin Biznis. Centered in the middle of the page.
  • Question of

    This is _____, the clues are hidden ___.

    • Versus Vll, in the sky.
    • Indexer, on the back wave.
    • Vidocka, on the front wave.
    • All of the above…
  • Question of

    These clues are all _______and the person is __________!

    • sky, Gloridaze.
    • left, mavic123456.
    • lado, on the right.
    • Both 1 and 3.
  • Question of

    Where are these clues hidden? Who is this person?

    • In that sky. It is Gloridaze.
    • In the boulders. It’s Gloridaze.
    • In the water, it’s Gloridaze.
    • None of the above.
  • Question of

    The last person is ________. The clues are ______.

    • Mavic123456, on the top and on the bottom.
    • Gloridaze, in the middle.
    • Lado, on the pier.
    • None of the above.


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Written by Kim_Johnson

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