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Funkie Words Quiz

Just have some fun removing a letter or a word. This is an original quiz by Meshack Bwoyele KEYA.

Enjoy yourself. Bon voyage.

  • Question of

    Which letter can you substitute in the word ‘submit’ to make a word which means the same as ‘the highest point of a hill or mountain’?

    • S
    • U
    • B
    • M
  • Question of

    What do you do to ‘words’ to have it meaning ‘ two edged cutting thrushing tools’

    • Yes
    • Remove s
    • Add an ‘s’
    • Add a ‘d’
  • Question of

    What is done to ‘advise’ to make it into ‘a suggestion’

    • Alternate c and e
    • Add a d
    • Alternating an s with a c
    • Substituting s with c
  • Question of

    What do you do to astraphobia to make it to mean ‘satellite or a group of satellites’?

    • Subtract the ‘pho’
    • Add an ‘n’
    • Subtract ‘phobia’
    • Subtract ‘astrap’
  • Question of

    If we remove one letter in ‘stensor’ then we remain with a word which means?

    • To detect
    • To delete
    • To sent and record
    • None of the lord three
  • Question of

    A word which means ‘fear’ can be changed to mean ‘to receive orctake in the sense of letters and symblols’ by removing letter….?

    • Y
    • T
    • D
    • S
  • Question of

    A five letter word that means ‘to say a letter one by one in a word’ may also mean ‘to exchange for money’ if you remove which letter?

    • D
    • P
    • M
    • L
  • Question of

    A 9 letter word will automatically change to mean….if we remove DROP from it

    • A valley
    • Branches of a tree
    • Stagnant water
    • The overhanging edges of a roof


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