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Food Trivia Quiz: Random Food History and Fun Facts

Food trivia quizzes are very popular all around the web, including right here at Virily.  Here are a few quizzes you may or may not have taken.

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Hey! Why not join the fun?  Here’s my food trivia quiz.

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    A tagine is a cookware designed for one-pot cooking, commonly used in this country.

    • Lithuania
    • Morocco
    • Russia
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    Pho is a popular noodle soup from this country.

    • Ireland
    • Tanzania
    • Vietnam
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    This dish is a delicate Italian dessert made with egg yolks, sugar and wine.

    • Zabaglione
    • Tapioca
    • Amandine
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    Christopher Columbus introduced this spice to Europe as guinea pepper.

    • Peppercorns
    • Coriander
    • Capsicum (Cayenne Pepper)
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    This food is the staple food of more than one-half of the world’s population.

    • Rice
    • Potatoes
    • Wheat
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    George Washington was the first president of the United States of America; and this was his favorite soup.

    • Corn Chowder
    • Virginia Peanut Soup
    • Lentil Soup
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    Soy sauce is a common seasoning in Asian cooking. It was created over 2,000 years ago in ancient China during this dynasty.

    • Tan Dynasty
    • Zhou Dynasty
    • Western Han Dynasty
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    This blue-green algae used as a dietary supplement and is a source of protein. If not used in moderation it could serious affect the functioning of the liver and kidneys.

    • Spirulina
    • Seaweed
    • Arugula
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    This delightful squash is delicious raw or cooked and originated in Mexico.

    • Courgette
    • Chayote
    • Bush Delicata
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    This cooking contest is a world chef championship named in honor of a famous French chef associated with the “nouvelle cuisine” (a method of cooking lighter, more delicate dishes in stark contrast to the higher caloric heavy dishes prepared in traditional or classic french cooking).

    • Bocuse d’Or
    • Pépin’s Master Chef World Competition
    • Passard’s Michelin Star Chef Contest
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    Japan is known for its unusual ice cream flavors. Which of these flavors is not a Japanese ice cream flavor.

    • Wakame seaweed
    • Unicorn Fudge
    • Jellyfish


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  1. 10 out of 11 – I got George Washington’s soup wrong!
    About #4 “Christopher Columbus introduced this spice to Europe as guinea pepper” I think you’re right that CC introduced capsicums to Europe, and also that they were known as ‘Guinea peppers’ in English, but he, of all people, would not have made the mistake of thinking they came from Guinea. With hard info difficult to come by in those days, it was common to attach a supposed though often incorrect country of origin to a product. Think of the turkey and the guinea pig.

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