Traf’s Trivianarium (0000091-0000100) Series 10

A month ago, I had published my 9th series of fun facts and trivia, and now after this long hiatus, I am back for its 10th series with these featured 10 sets of amazing trivia that will surely blow your mind.

As what I have aforementioned in my previous posts on this series, these fun facts were based from my Facebook page of trivia archive called  Ryan’s Believe It Or Not, which is inspired from a famous daily comic strip of trivia Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

So are you ready for these another 10 flabbergasting fun facts for you to read today? If you are then better to get going and make sure to not widely gaped your mouth upon learning some of the untold fun facts that you haven’t might hear before.

Enjoy reading and hope you will share this with your friends and families too.

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#3 Traf’s Trivianarium 0000093

TRIVIA 0000093:

Did you know that in 1535 during the reign of Henry VIII, there was a tax imposed on men's beards?

Growing a beard has been a status symbol, the more beard you have, the more you gain respect in the society. But Russian Emperor Peter the Great already imposed taxes on growing beards earlier at the end of 17th century.

Queen Elizabeth I, the daughter of Henry VIII, also continued her father's law to impose taxes on growing beards. Under her reign, she mandated that any beard with over two weeks worth of growth had to be taxed.

#5 Traf’s Trivianarium 0000095

TRIVIA 0000095:

Did you know that the father with the most children in one wife was a peasant man from Shuya, Russia, named Feodor Vassilyev?

He had 69 children, including 16 twins, 7 sets of triplets, and 4 sets of quadruplets on his first wife.

On his second wife, he had 18 children, including 6 pairs of twins and 2 sets of triplets, making him again the man with the most children, with 87 in total.

#6 Traf’s Trivianarium 0000096

TRIVIA 0000096:

Did you know that everything weighs less than 1% at the equator? 

Earth has a bulge at the equator created by the planet’s rotation. The planet exerts less pull on you when you are at the equator since you are further away from the bulk of Earth's mass than at the poles. Say for example, in Brazil, objects there weigh a mere 0.5% less than the poles --- less than a pound for anyone under 200 pounds.

#10 Traf’s Trivianarium 0000100

TRIVIA 0000100:

Did you know that William James Sidis (1898-1944) is considered to be one of the smartest men in history to have ever lived? 

At age 4, he taught himself Greek and Latin language and read the book of Julius Caesar (Gallic Wars) and Homer's Iliad. He also wrote 4 books between age 4-8 (which are now lost). At age 6, he learned Aristotelian logic, and languages like Russian German, French, Hebrew, Turkish and Armenian. He was also fascinated and learned to read calendars and could calculate what day of the week any date in history would fall on. At age 7, he passed the anatomy exam for Harvard Medical School. At age 8, he was better in Mathematics than his genius psychologist father. 

He had also a photographic memory of all he had read. At age 8, he passed the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) entrance exam. At age 11, he entered Harvard University and became an expert in Applied Mathematics. At age 16, he graduated Medicine. Until his death, he can speak over 200 languages. His IQ was estimated between 285-300 points (where 90-100 is for a normal person). He was one of the most famous child prodigies in his generation, a child who knows too much.


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Written by Trafalgar Law


  1. Great interesting post! I learned things I did not know about dolphins etc, but number Loved picture number 2. Such a cute creature!