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Famous lines from poetry: a quiz

There are many lines from great poetry that everybody knows – or do they? In this quiz you are given some famous lines, each with one word missing. Can you select the right one to fill the gap? Given that my educational background was in English Literature, I appreciate that what is well-known to me might not be the same for you – although I have included some examples from American as well as British poets here.

As a bonus, do you know the identity of the poet in the picture?

  • Question of

    ___ is the cruellest month (T S Eliot)

    • March
    • April
    • August
    • November
  • Question of

    All in the Valley of Death rode the ___ hundred (Tennyson)

    • six
    • seven
    • eight
    • nine
  • Question of

    Yet each man kills the thing he ___ (Wilde)

    • hates
    • despises
    • loves
    • loathes
  • Question of

    Two roads diverged in a ___ wood (Robert Frost)

    • green
    • red
    • brown
    • yellow
  • Question of

    Shall I compare thee to a ___ day? (Shakespeare)

    • Spring
    • Summer’s
    • Autumn
    • Winter’s
  • Question of

    Do not go gentle into that ___ night (Dylan Thomas)

    • good
    • bad
    • dark
    • long
  • Question of

    Quoth the ___ ‘Nevermore!’ (Poe)

    • Giant
    • Monster
    • Dragon
    • Raven
  • Question of

    Hail to thee, blithe spirit! ___ thou never wert (Shelley)

    • Soul
    • Bird
    • Man
    • Ghost
  • Question of

    It is an ancient ___ And he stoppeth one of three (Coleridge)

    • Soldier
    • Pensioner
    • Mariner
    • Emperor
  • Question of

    The best laid schemes o’ ___ an’ men (Burns)

    • mice
    • rats
    • boys
    • lads


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