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English Will Kill Me

Will I ever know all the English in the world. I seem to begin and end in blank the more I search. English seems to grow by the day. It has associated other languages into it and those taking it as a second language find it hard.

Maybe you are better of. Take this quiz and find out. Bon voyage.

  • Question of

    Who is a ‘tryist’?

    • A person who tries things
    • A person engaged in weird activities
    • A secret rendezvous especially between lovers
    • A place where there are no rules
  • Question of

    Circumlocution is NOT one of these. Which one?

    • Use of indirect speech wrongly without really intending
    • Use of unnecessary wordy and indirect language
    • Evasion of speech or writing
    • A roundabout expression
  • Question of

    Which of the following means to boast or to brag?

    • Econostrating
    • Proselyting
    • Gasconating
    • Decoginating
  • Question of

    Idiosyncratic means?

    • Betrayal of trust
    • Peculiar to an individual
    • Immeasurably small
    • Intended to attract notice
  • Question of

    Ostentatious means?

    • Immeasurably small
    • Intended to attract notice
    • Peculiar to an individual
    • Betrayal of trust
  • Question of

    Orinaceous means

    • Resembling a hedgehog
    • Resembling a skunk
    • Resembling a hyena
    • Resembling a warthog
  • Question of

    Which of the following means ‘being present everywhere at once’?

    • Infinetisimal
    • Perfidiousness
    • Idiosyncratic
    • Ubiquitous
  • Question of

    Kakorrhaphiophobia is the fear of…

    • Death
    • Failure
    • Success
    • Admiration
  • Question of

    A reply that has no relevance to what preceded it is..

    • Non sequitur
    • Nouveauriche
    • Gregarious
    • Avant-garde
  • Question of

    Which means ‘representing the perfect example of a class or quality’?

    • Agastopia
    • Camaraderie
    • Sexicolous
    • Quintessential


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