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Do you know about BOROBUDUR?

Have you ever heard of Borobudur? Or even ever visit it?

Borobudur is a Buddhist temple which is a cultural heritage set as one of the world cultural heritage by UNESCO. Its magnificent shape and unique architectural details make many people curious and want to visit Borobudur. Until now there are many mysteries of Borobudur temple that has not been revealed.

Let’s explore a bit about the temple, and enjoy the adventure to Borobudur.

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    Borobudur is located in the world’s largest archipelago comprising 17,504 islands, with an area of 1,904,569 km2. The country is:

    • Japan
    • Indonesia
    • Madagascar
    • Philippines
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    The island where the temple is located is:

    • Sumatra
    • Sulawesi
    • Java
    • Papua
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    Borobudur Temple is the largest Buddhist Temple and one of the largest Buddhist monuments in the world.

    • Yes
    • No
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    It was built as a sacred place to glorify Buddha as well as functioning as a pilgrimage site to guide mankind from the world of carnal lust to enlightenment and wisdom according to Buddhism. It is very clearly illustrated because this monument is:

    • Model of Mountain
    • Model of Earth
    • Model of Galaxy
    • Model of The Universe
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    Pilgrims entering through the east side begin the ritual at the base of the temple by walking around this sacred building clockwise, while continuing up the next steps through three levels of realm in Buddhist cosmology. These three levels are Kāmadhātu (the world of desire), Rupadhatu (the world of forms), and Arupadhatu which means:

    • The realm of God
    • The World of Buddhist
    • . The world of formlessness
    • The domain of religion
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    6. On the way around Borobudur, pilgrims walk through a series of alleys and staircases by watching very many beautiful relief panels engraved on the walls and balustrades. Borobudur is recognized to have the most beautiful, complete and the most Buddhist relief collection in the world. The relief panels are:

    • 900 pieces
    • 1.085 pieces
    • 1.460 pieces
    • 2,672 pieces
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    This monument consists of several square-shaped terraces on which there are three circular terraces. The number of square terraces is:

    • Three
    • Four
    • Six
    • Nine
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    The largest main stupa is in the middle of the highest terrace of the temple and crowns this building, surrounded by three circular rows of many perforated stupas in which there is a Buddha statue sitting cross-legged in a perfect lotus position with Dharmachakra mudra (rotating wheel of dharma). The total number of statues in the three circular lines is:

    • 36
    • 72
    • 144
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    Unlike other temples built on flat land, Borobudur is built on a hill with a height of 265 m (869 ft) which is suspected to be on the bottom of an ancient lake that has dried up. The position is intended to symbolize Borobudur as a flower that floats on the surface of the lake. Borobudur architectural form itself resembles the flower. What is the name of the flower?

    • Nyamphaea
    • Nelumbo nucifera
    • Pistia stratiotes
    • Eichhornia crassipes
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    Borobudur is a masterpiece of Indonesian Buddhist art, as the pinnacle of the achievement of the alignment of architectural and aesthetic techniques of Buddhist art in Java. The building is inspired by dharma ideas such as stupas, and mandalas, as well as the continuation of local elements; the storied punden (punden berundak) megalithic structures or storied pyramids that are part of Indonesian prehistory. As a blend of worship to ancestor native Java-Indonesia and the struggle to attain Nirvana in Buddhism.

    • Yes
    • No
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    In essence, Borobudur is a stupas which, when viewed from above, forms a large Mandala pattern that represents the cosmos or universe commonly found in Wajrayana-Mahayana Buddhist stream. The ten terraces of Borobudur clearly illustrate the Mahayana school of philosophy simultaneously describing cosmology as the concept of the universe, as well as the level of mind in Buddhism. Like a book, Borobudur describes the ten levels of Bodhisattva that must be passed to achieve perfection into the Buddha. The building has nine terraces, six square bottom terraces and three circular upper terraces. The base of the building is square sized …. on each side.

    • 123 meters (404 ft)
    • 135 meters (443ft)
    • 246 meters (807,087ft)
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    The symbolic meaning of the entire hidden Karmawibhangga relief, which adorns the stone wall at the foot of the temple, illustrates the law of karma. Karmawibhangga is a text that describes the doctrine of karma, the cause and effect of good and evil with all its consequences. The series of reliefs is a series of stories that have a causal relationship. Taken as a whole is the depiction of human life in a never-ending “born-of-life” circle, The liberation from the cycle is the way to perfection. The circle is called?

    • Shambala
    • Samsara
    • Namaskar
    • Mascara
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    Compared to other pyramids or temples on earth, Borobudur is probably the most accurate oriented temple in the world under an angle 359.99 to the current North pole, which is an amazing achievement.

    • Yes
    • No
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    Borobudur Temple is a gigantic puzzle composed of 60,000 m3 volcanic rock blocks carved in such a way that it interlocks, with a total of more than

    • 1 million pieces
    • 2 million pieces
    • 3 million pieces
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    There is a myth in the community around Borobudur Temple said that whoever can touch the statue in the stupa then all his wishes will be granted or will get lucky. The statue in question is the Buddha statue in Dharmachakra position which is inside the stupa with the rhombic cover is at the base level of the 3 stupa steps. The men are advised to touch the little finger or ring finger while the female the toe part. The myth is called:

    • Kunto Bimo
    • Kunto Aji
    • Aryo Bimo
    • Bimo Kunto


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