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Could you have been a millionaire?

Did you ever watch “Who want to be a millionaire?” In the UK version, Chris Tarrant posed questions with four alternative answers, much as we can do with quizzes on Virily. The idea was that the questions got progressively more difficult, with the real challenge being to answer the final one that won the contestant the top prize of one million pounds.

But just how difficult were those final questions? This quiz puts you on the spot with questions for which I claim no originality because I believe them to have been used on the actual quiz. If you get any of these right, then you could have been a millionaire!

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    In which country is the port of Fray Bentos?

    • Argentina
    • Paraguay
    • Uruguay
    • Chile
  • Question of

    What is a clerihew?

    • Limestone block
    • Covered walkway
    • Humorous verse
    • Genetic replica
  • Question of

    Which famous battle was fought on St Crispin’s Day?

    • Agincourt
    • Waterloo
    • Trafalgar
    • Balaclava
  • Question of

    Guru Nanak was the founder of which religion?

    • Hinduism
    • Islam
    • Sikhism
    • Buddhism
  • Question of

    Which of Henry VIII’s wives was the widow of his elder brother Arthur?

    • Catherine of Aragon
    • Anne of Cleves
    • Catherine Howard
    • Catherine Parr
  • Question of

    Which popular garden flower means “water vessel” in Greek?

    • Aquilegia
    • Hydrangea
    • Antirrhinum
    • Hibiscus
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    Cheyenne is the capital of which American state?

    • Nebraska
    • Wyoming
    • Kansas
    • Utah
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    Edward Whymper was the first man to climb which of these mountains?

    • Matterhorn
    • K2
    • Olympus
    • Eiger
  • Question of

    “The Boys from Syracuse” is a musical based on which Shakespeare play?

    • The Comedy of Errors
    • As You Like It
    • Twelfth Night
    • The Tempest
  • Question of

    Which people are specifically excluded from inheritance and succession under Salic Law?

    • Children under 15
    • Women
    • Divorcees
    • Illegitimate children


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    • The questions I selected for this quiz were all – bar one – ones that I would have got right, which made me wonder if these supposedly difficult “million pound” questions were really so challenging. The one that would have tripped me up was the same one that you mention, but my choice would have been Argentina, given the connection between Fray Bentos, corned beef and the Argentine meat industry – the Uruguay answer surprised me, but I have checked it and it is perfectly OK!


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