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Christmas Carol Word Quiz

Christmas Carols are sung throughout the world each holiday season but fewer and fewer people know their origins. Beyond that, some of the word meaning are lost in the amazing musical scores and beautiful melodies that bring such joy to families, choirs, and communities.

Thus, this quiz. Enjoy reviewing or learning some terms used in traditional Christmas Carols. See if you are surprised by these alphabetically arranged words. Let us know in the comments below if you learn something new about the songs of Christmas.

  • Alleluia means…

    • Praise Yaweh.
    • Christmas peace.
  • Christmastide is…

    • The entire Christmas season.
    • The season from Christmas Eve through New Year’s Day
  • Diadem is…

    • A sovereign’s crown.
    • A sovereign’s scepter.
  • Excelsis means…

    • In the highest.
    • Frosty morn.
  • Incarnate is

    • In physical form.
    • Confined to one form.
  • Noel is…

    • Defined as nativity.
    • French for “to sing”.
  • Redemption refers to…

    • Salvation’s story.
    • Christian images.
  • Seraphim means…

    • Sapphire
    • Angel

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