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Christmas came…

And now, a little retreat from the crazy house that made the lives of many of us as the holidays approached. Jobs, Things, Plans, Expectations…

No matter how much we wanted the waiting for Christmas this year would be slow and calm, did we succeed? I sincerely hope you succeeded. Christmas has definitely come.

Christmas came even to those families where holiday plans were not implemented in full. Christmas came even if you did not cover your table with tablecloth and did not overload it with your meals. They still came even to homes that didn’t make Advent calendars or write letters to the far north. They also came to those who are getting upset and angry, despite how sincerely they promise to be gentle and more forgiving at each Christmas.

Christmas came to us no matter you waited or not waited, cursed those already boring Christmas songs or silently mumble them under your nose. No matter if you watch Home Alone again or switch channels quickly; bake a homemade cake or hurry to the store to buy it. It doesn’t matter. Christmas definitely, definitely came.

There are so many things hidden in the word Christmas: gifts, a Christmas tree, light bulbs, food, a tidy home, beautifully served tables. But there really is nothing more important at Christmas than the people and feelings that surround us. The attention and closeness we bring to each other with outstretched palms and strong hugs. Sincere smiles and being together are something we sometimes run out over the years.

Let’s make sure we have that time in our pocket. Let’s not regret sharing it and at least at Christmas, be here and now. Christmas came anyway, but do you imagine how good it would be to feel it with all your heart? You still have time…

To me, it is over. Guests already left and the silent covered our home. Our kids still stay but closed each in his room as they are tired and slept too little last night. The dishes went to the dishwasher and for all the other, I am too tired now. Tomorrow I will devote to myself and our family, to the rest, and just enjoying our being. 

And how your Christmas is going? 

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