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Celebrities Of Serbian Descent (part 2)

Since it appeared that there’s a significant number of Serbian offspring in the entertainment industry, I present you the second part of the quiz “Celebrities Of Serbian Descent”. For some of them you know where they came from, but some will come as a surprise.

Most of data are taken from IMDb, while pictures are from Google images.

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    Mladen Sekulovic had more than 70 movie roles in his life and still, no one would know him by that name. This actor (“West Wing”, “A Streetcar Named Desire”…..) is known for his stage name:

    • Garry Oldman
    • Karl Malden
    • Henry Fonda
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    Actor/director/writer/producer, nominated for 2 Academy Awards. Besides directing (“Daisy Miller”, “Paper Moon”, “The Last Picture Show”….) he had more than 50 roles, such as Dr. Elliot Kupferberg in TV show “The Sopranos”. His Name is:

    • Peter Bogdanovich
    • Steve Tesic
    • Mladen Sekulovic
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    She is a real life princess, daughter of HRH Princess Elisabeth Karadjordjevic. But here, she is an actress, known for her role in “Dynasty” as well as “The Omega Code”, “Sleeping Beauty”, “Catch Me If You Can” and many more. Her name is :

    • Marija Karan
    • Troian Bellisario
    • Catherine Oxenberg
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    She starred in “Edge Of Darkness” with Mel Gibson and “Generation Um…” with Keanu Reeves. Her name is:

    • Bojana Maljevic
    • Bojana Novakovic
    • Mirjana Jokovic
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    Her real name is Lili-Marlen Premilovich. She is a composer (soundtracks for “Beverly Hills Ninja”, “The Americans”, “GTA 4″……) performer (“Lucky Number”, “I Think We’re Alone Now”, “Angels”….) and an actress. Her stage name is:

    • Lena Lovich
    • Baby Doll
    • Martika
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    No one could ever believe that this famous Hollywood writer/producer/actor (“NCIS”, “JAG”, “Quantum Leap”….) has a Serbian parent. His mother’s name was Dana Lapcevic and his name is:

    • Milosh Forman
    • Donald P. Bellisario
    • John Malkovich
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    He was born in Germany but became famous in Hollywood, too. Among his more than 70 roles are ones in these movies: “Live Another Day”, “The Bourne Ultimatum” and “Fury”. His name is:

    • Nikola Kojo
    • Branko Tomovic
    • Zoran Kesic
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    He mostly plays fighters with a heart. Some of his roles were in: “Van Helsing”, “Kindergarten Cop 2” and “War For The Planet Of The Apes”. His name is:

    • Aleks Paunovic
    • Svetozar Cvetkovic
    • Josif Tatic


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