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Celebrities Of Serbian Descent

Serbia is a small country in Europe. Small countries have small populations. In small population, very few people become world wide popular. But, is that so? Let’s see do you know those celebrities of Serbian origins. Some are born in Serbia, but live elsewhere, while others are born all around the world, but their parents, or grandparents were from Serbia. And blood is thicker than water….

All data are mostly found on IMDb. Pictures are from Google images.

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    He is known as the king of parodies. His name is:

    • Sasha Baron Cohen
    • “Weird” Al Yankovich
    • Ali G
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    She is an actress, model and one of the most beautiful of Hollywood faces. Her name is:

    • Mila Kunis
    • Mila Jovovich
    • Eva Herzigova
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    This actress who starred in NCIS is a daughter-in-law of the famous Sofia Loren. Her name is:

    • Ana Alexander
    • Sasha Alexander
    • Mirjana Jokovic
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    She became famous for her role of detective Kate Becket, in TV show “Castle”. Her name is:

    • Branka Katic
    • Stana Katic
    • Mila Jovovic
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    You know her from the TV show “Las Vegas”. Her name is:

    • Milica Boshkovic
    • Adrienne Janic
    • Lena Lovich
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    You know him from TV shows “Fashion House” and “A Perfect Getaway”. His name is:

    • Uliks Fehmiu
    • Mike Begovich
    • Sergej Trifunovic
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    She starred in movies “Wedding Crashers” and “100 Girls”. Her name is:

    • Ivana Bozilovic
    • Ana Stanic
    • Sonja Savic
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    We remember him as Igor Karkaroff from the movie “Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire”. His name is:

    • Predrag Bjelac
    • Rade Serbedzija
    • Peter Bogdanovich


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