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Castles: a quiz

Castles are fascinating places that attract large numbers of tourists who love to explore and learn about the people who lived there in the distant past. The United Kingdom is full of them, as are many other countries, especially in Europe. Here is a quiz to test your knowledge, or maybe tell you something that you didn`t know before.

  • Which castle holds an annual service for members of the Order of the Garter?

    • Warwick
    • Bodiam
    • Windsor
    • Arundel
  • Which castle did Queen Victoria buy for £31,000 in 1852?

    • Windsor
    • Balmoral
    • Glamis
    • Edinburgh
  • Which “castle” (actually a huge Iron Age hill fort) in Dorset was overcome by Vespasian before he became Emperor of Rome?

    • Corfe
    • Sherborne
    • Cadbury
    • Maiden
  • Which king was responsible for building many castles in Wales, including Harlech and Caernarvon?

    • William I
    • Edward I
    • Henry VIII
    • George II
  • The valley of which river in France is renowned for its many castles (“chateaux”), including Chambord, Blois and Chaumont?

    • Loire
    • Seine
    • Somme
    • Rhone
  • When a medieval castle was slighted, what happened to it?

    • It was abandoned because the owner had built another one close by
    • It was rendered useless when one wall was blown up and the roof collapsed
    • It was reduced in size for economic reasons
    • It was besieged
  • At which castle was King Edward the Martyr murdered in 978?

    • Windsor
    • The Tower of London
    • Corfe
    • Drogo
  • In a medieval castle, what was a murder hole?

    • A torture chamber
    • A position above a gateway from which defenders could drop objects on top of attackers
    • A slit in the wall from which arrows could be fired
    • The place where gallows would be erected to hang criminals or prisoners
  • According to legend, in which castle did King Arthur and Queen Guinevere live?

    • Launceston
    • Dartmouth
    • Tintagel
    • Pendennis
  • In which Irish castle do visitors lean over backwards to kiss a particular stone?

    • Dublin
    • Blarney
    • Carrickfergus
    • Cashel

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