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Can You Answer Ten Questions About Phobias? I Challenge You To Try

Phobias are very serious and need to be taken seriously. If you have symptoms of a phobia you should consult your doctor. They are not considered to be permanent and are in many cases treatable.

There is a name for each phobia and sometimes more than one name. New ones are added sometimes. It can get confusing so lets find out how well you know the names of some of the lesser known phobias. Or can you deduce them by knowledge in languages?

  • Question of

    If you have a fear of clowns then you have the following phobia:

    • Koinoniphobia
    • Coulrophobia
    • Catagelophobia
    • Elurophobia
  • Question of

    Octophobia is the name for a fear of which of the following?

    • Fear of octal numbers
    • Fear of the octopus *(octopuses, octopodes, octopi – this would be a different quiz)*
    • Fear of the figure 8
    • Fear of octagons
  • Question of

    Fear of flying is which of the following?

    • Pteromerhanophobia
    • Aerophobia
    • A novel by Erica Jong published in 1973
    • All of the above
  • Question of

    Atelophobia is the fear of _________?

    • Imperfection
    • Antelopes
    • Telephones
    • Computers
  • Question of

    The fear of the night is called __________?

    • Nyctophobia
    • Noctiphobia
    • Achluophobia
    • All of the above
  • Question of

    Aphenphosmphobia is the fear of ___________?

    • being touched
    • people or society
    • stairs or steep slopes
    • ugliness
  • Question of

    Dendrophobia is __________?

    • Fear of teenagers
    • Fear of dentists
    • Fear of ferns
    • Fear of trees
  • Question of

    Herpetophobia is the phobia describing _________?

    • Fear of blood
    • Fear of reptiles
    • Fear of women
    • Fear of amphibians
  • Question of

    If you have a fear of tornadoes and hurricanes what is this phobia called?

    • Lilapsophobia
    • Mageirocophobia
    • Gamophobia
    • Ephebiphobia
  • Question of

    At this point in the quiz everyone will get this right if I’ve done my job. The fear of phobias is which of the following?

    • Megalophobia
    • Ombrophobia
    • Genuphobia
    • Phobophobia


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