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Black and White Friday Spot the Difference Game!

Inside there are ten original photographs, followed by ten edited photographs that feature black, white, or black and whites. 

Can you find the edit? Look closely and enlarge to play. 

Easiest played on a computer, for a tougher challenge use your phone. 

  • This fly is black and silvery white, but what have I done to it?

    • You added something.
    • Meany, you amputated something.
    • Neither of the above. You made something bigger.
  • A black and a white dog are in this one, but what did I take away?

    • Something on the black dog.
    • Something on the white dog.
    • Something in the background.
  • This white dog is missing a head, what else is missing from the photograph?

    • A tree in the background.
    • Another part of the dog.
    • Something on the big red tree.
  • Which part of the photograph is edited in this black and white?

    • Top
    • Center
    • Bottom
  • I took something away here, where is it located?

    • Top
    • Center
    • Bottom
  • This San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant photograph has something done to it.. What?

    • You took somethings away from the photograph.
    • You made something much bigger.
    • You changed the color of something.
    • You added some things.
  • This Black Knight Butterfly bush has something in the first one that is not in the second. What is the missing object?

    • A flower.
    • The butterfly.
    • The black, this is clearly purple.
    • A leaf.
  • What was done to this back lit white rose?

    • You added something.
    • You took something away.
    • You made something bigger.
  • What was done to this black and white kitty picture?

    • You added something.
    • You took something away.
    • You made something bigger.
  • Any difference in these two?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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Written by Kim_Johnson

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