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Australian Slang Game

Can you guess what these ten Australian slang words are? 

Inside are 10 words I got from the Australian slang dictionary and thought it might be fun to try to guess what these words mean. 

Sound like fun? You decide. 

Good luck and have fun! 

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    Anyone ever watch Steve Erwin? His favorite word was, “Crikey”. What does it mean?

    • Darn it, shoot, rats.
    • Shock, surprise, astonish.
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    How about this one? Frothy

    • Beer
    • Rabid dog
    • Sea foam
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    And this? G’day

    • Ground hog day
    • Kiss a Ginger day.
    • Hello
    • Hot sweltering dog day.
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    What would this term be used for? Facey

    • Selfie
    • Portrait
    • Facebook
    • Virily
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    What would this term be used for? Good on ya!

    • I love you, I fancy you, I like you.
    • Hello, good bye.
    • Good work.
    • It means you are good.
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    If someone asked you to wear thongs to the beach. What does this mean?

    • Skimpy bottoms.
    • Sandals
    • Stilts
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    This might happen to you if you are legless.

    • Wearing a thong.
    • Really Drunk
    • Seasick
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    What does Dunny mean?

    • Toilet
    • Happy
    • Done
    • Dumb
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    Which one best describes what this means. Lappy

    • Someone really thirsty as in the first one.
    • A dog lapping up water.
    • A laptop.
    • A lap dance.
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    And the last one. Knickers.

    • A kitten
    • Someone laughing
    • Cut while shaving.
    • A woman’s underwear.


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Written by Kim_Johnson

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