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Australian Slang Game

Can you guess what these ten Australian slang words are? 

Inside are 10 words I got from the Australian slang dictionary and thought it might be fun to try to guess what these words mean. 

Sound like fun? You decide. 

Good luck and have fun! 

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    Anyone ever watch Steve Erwin? His favorite word was, “Crikey”. What does it mean?

    • Darn it, shoot, rats.
    • Shock, surprise, astonish.
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    How about this one? Frothy

    • Beer
    • Rabid dog
    • Sea foam
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    And this? G’day

    • Ground hog day
    • Kiss a Ginger day.
    • Hello
    • Hot sweltering dog day.
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    What would this term be used for? Facey

    • Selfie
    • Portrait
    • Facebook
    • Virily
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    What would this term be used for? Good on ya!

    • I love you, I fancy you, I like you.
    • Hello, good bye.
    • Good work.
    • It means you are good.
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    If someone asked you to wear thongs to the beach. What does this mean?

    • Skimpy bottoms.
    • Sandals
    • Stilts
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    This might happen to you if you are legless.

    • Wearing a thong.
    • Really Drunk
    • Seasick
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    What does Dunny mean?

    • Toilet
    • Happy
    • Done
    • Dumb
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    Which one best describes what this means. Lappy

    • Someone really thirsty as in the first one.
    • A dog lapping up water.
    • A laptop.
    • A lap dance.
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    And the last one. Knickers.

    • A kitten
    • Someone laughing
    • Cut while shaving.
    • A woman’s underwear.


What do you think?

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Written by Kim_Johnson

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  1. I got 10 out of 10 – unbelievable! I’ve never been to Oz but I have known a few Aussies over the years. And I used to love watching Crocodile Dundee (do you know him?) Nonetheless some of these were pure guesses, so well done me 🙂
    I have to tell you about something that happened about 20 years ago. Our neighbour’s brother had been living in Oz for years and was visiting with his two-year-old kid. As I was walking up the road the little fella was out there with a bunch of neighbourhood toddlers looking completely, totally lost. I came up to him and said, in my best imitation of an Aussie accent, “G’day mate!” You should have seen his little face light up like it was Christmas. He looked up at me with something like pure love 😀

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