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Writing sites and their disappearance

In the context of my thoughts on spotlighting,  a user here,  and someone who I look up to had some unusual justification (lol)

” Well! OK. I’m used to sites like these disappearing anyway. xxxxx came and went. yyyyyyyy came and went. I’m going to make the “gravy” for my potatoes while I can. “

Users do play a huge role in the disappearance of Sites and here is one example (lol) I remember Bubblews and how some users spammed it wholesale.  At the same time if Sites are not vigilant doomsday approaches without notice. 

  • Do you think users play a role in the disappearance of Sites?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. I agree that user plays a role, but maybe not a huge role to some sites’ disappearance. I understand some sites might not be able to run anymore because of some spammers, but it seems like there are some owners who are not trusted as well. The owners need to learn how to tackle the spammers and cheaters, and I think that always happen in real life businesses as well.

    I just think that’s part of life. I just do what I can to support the sites I like, and I’ve learned to just accept it if anything bad happens.

  2. In every case it has been something the Owners did or was done to them.

    In 2010, due to Google’s Panda many good sites went down. Labelled “Content Farms’ they did not appear in a Google search; hence thousands of viewers were lost. This was Google’s plan. Triond, Wikinut Bukisa and others which had thousands of views each day were no longer on a search.

    This means, for example; suppose you wrote an article; How to Wash Silk. Everyone who enters that in a search should see your article. As you wrote it on Triond and Triond was penalised by Google, it would not appear.

    Hence thousands of hits were lost and Owners who were accustomed to 12M hits a month, (like Hubpages) could not function with 49k so closed down.

      • I think there is a reason why Virily needs to approve posts – to eliminate as much of plagiarism and such. But sometimes I wonder how strict are they on the job.

        It’s definitely a shared responsibility. Even though it’s not nice to say this but I think the admin aren’t really doing their part well enough.

        Sometimes I can’t help but feel we’re on a deck, screaming to save a drowning passenger but the crew refuse to lower the lifeboat or throw the float down.

        But it’s nice to see members are still trying.

  3. I don’t think users play any part in sites going down. In fact, I remember a site that both the admin and users were determined to hold on to. So to keep it going the admin kept changing the name of the site and using different links. However, everything they did finally failed but some of the true blue users like me stayed to the bitter end. I do not remember what the site was called from the very beginning but I know it changed at one time to World Famous Writers and then to Elite Writers and that was where it all finally ended.


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