When Lights Must Be Turned Off

What a day I had today! ?

After visiting the hospital for my last exam, a computed tomography (CT) of my skull, I came happily back home because all exams were finally over and I could rest a little after this exhausting marathon. I will have the chance to blog about why I went through this hospital routine.

The day was windy, not too sunny, there were some clouds in the sky, but that was not a real problem. The wind was! I could manage to walk home and when I was already safe indoors, I checked my email account and there was an email from Alex, a Virily Team member. I can tell this message caught my eye and I decided to pay a close attention to the site and see what it has to offer more closely.

To my surprise, I could find a huge world of blogging here and a great amount of things to be done that would not make us feel bored. So, soon after visiting some profiles and reading interesting blogging posts, I decided to begin my own story on the site and posted some pictures I made of the city I live in and also another one I visit regularly in São Paulo, Brazil. That was amazing! I know the audience will come the more I post and the more I follow and connect with people, visiting them and also commenting their posts.

I also tried sharing my posts on other social media sites and I could then understand what is blogging all about. Visits came from outside Virily and I also got two signups from my link. What a lucky guy for my first day trying out the site! ?

At this very moment, I am waiting for the approval of a photo gallery I posted and I hope it is by tomorrow, and also I am preparing myself to go to bed and have a good reading before I go to sleep. I just wanted to share with you this great moment and how happy I feel after all this try on the site!

I wish you all a good night/day! ?


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