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Wright brothers were the sons of an anti science pastor.

A pastor in the United States said during his sermon, “that O people” today’s human have been reached to the last bounds of development in science So the possibility of a new invention is no longer possible  and now, if something is spent in the name of scientific development, it will be an extravagance. 

It is said, that this pastor often repeats this teaching, God has blessed angels with the ability to fly, which is just right.

The pastor’s name was Wright. Interestingly, two sons of the same pastor got their name and place in scientific inventions and interestingly, they are considered the inventors of the aircraft. Both are known as the Wright Brothers.

Both of these brothers had tested of airplanes. The elder was known as Wilbur Wright and younger Orville Wright. Both have not never been married in a lifetime. Both used to trade bicycles and during this period , they have got an idea and they learned about air pressure, etc. and built an airplane with four-cylinder, twelve-horsepower engine.

On December 17, 1903, he made four flights during his aircraft experience and the highest flight was 852 feet. In respect of this test, US government took an initiative and opened its aviation school in the Army to encourage Write brothers and appointed Orville as teacher in this school.

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