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Want to visit the boneyard ?

Have you heard of the plane’s Aircraft boneyard? This is the place where planes that meet their deadline or useless planes are parked. The size of the aircraft is not such that it should be erected in a rear corner of the airport when inactive and for this, it regularly requires a large space.

Places where inactive planes stands are called the boneyard or Shipyard Cemetery. The planes in the Aircraft boneyard are military and commercial used planes.s

Davis Monthan Force Base is the largest bone yard in the US state of Arizona. The cemetery, built after World War II, has 4,400 used aircraft and this include aircraft used by the US space agency NASA as well.

Most boneyard are closed to the public, but Arizona’s boneyard is open to the public and those interested in aicrafts and tourists can take a bus trip around the entire area of boneyard.

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