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Work from Home – My dogs are losing it

Animals are creatures of routines. They are used to doing things at certain times and when their routines are changed they do act wired.

Since the beginning of this week my husband works from home, all thanks to Covid 19. Since he is at home he takes our fu rbabies  out for walks in the morning, evening and night, with slight changes in time ( he takes them out  a bit earlier than I do) .  However, our fur babies (dogs) seem to think it doesn’t really count, they demand that I take them out at the time I normally do.

Normally, my husband avoids working on weekends when he is at home. Now he works from home, in his room with the door closed.  He is always on one con-call or the other and our fur babies think they need to be on con calls too. Zoe, mourns all day, lying near the door, scratching it and whining away. Spark seems to thin k she is right. This means that I need to be keeping them entertained from 8 am to 6 pm everyday.

They just can’t figure why he has to lock himself up.  When he is at home it is always playtime for them in the past. In the bargain I can hardly focus on my work.

They also cannot seem to understand why the car is always parked inside and why they cannot go out for their long rides. Our little one, Zoe, is always trying to get into the car,  and scratching away at the door  standing on two legs.

How do I explain the concept of  ‘work from home’ to them?

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    It is tough making our pets understand new things , right?

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    Has covid19 affected your daily life in some way?

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  1. You will have to use a lot of effort to convince and try to explain to them but I don’t know if they’ll accept it.
    It hasn’t yet affected my country negatively. Only 6 cases announced by the government.

  2. Poor little babies. Yes they get easily frazzled by the least bit of change. Dogs are slightly worse than cats in routine changes. But I am sure and I hope they will adapt eventually. Please say hi to Zoe and your other dog(s) for me. They are so cute….

  3. My life has not really changed much … I miss being alone with friends in some nice cafe over coffee and some good beer ….. walking in nature and the forest is not yet forbidden …

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